The ‘Love Goddess’ comedienne and actress, Judy Tenuta, passed away at age 72.

Judy Tenuta, the stand-up comedian and actress known as the “Love Goddess,” passed away on Thursday. Judy was noted for her caustic humour, expletive-filled quips, bizarre identities, and accordion-playing. She was 72.

Tenuta passed away from ovarian cancer at her Los Angeles home while still being attended by family, according to her spokesman Roger Neal.
It was always a “great time to be around her,” Neal told The Associated Press, adding that she was an “very hilarious, amazing performer.”

Tenuta had previously claimed that she was born on November 7, 1965, even though her real birth year was 1949, therefore earlier accounts of her death indicated that she was 65.

COMEDIAN & NETFLIX STAR, STAND-UP DAVID ARNOLD, 54, DIESShe was old-fashioned and would never reveal her true age, but now that she is no longer with us, Neal said, “we may reveal her true age.”
Tenuta was renowned for her loud, gravelly voice, biting, profanity-filled comedy, and accordion playing. Friends advised her to add an accordion to her act as she built her whimsical, witty persona, the “Love Goddess,” according to her obituary.
The seasoned comic picked up the instrument thanks to encouragement from her mother, a devotee of accordionist Lawrence.


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